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Mirai Industry Co., LTD


First of all, Mirai Industry Co., Ltd would like to send our best wishes and best regards!

Sincere our company would also thank to customers who have been and will allow us to be a companion as well as for trust and support for products and services that our company provides.

On the continuous development process, with the quality management system up to ISO 9001-2015, Mirai Industry constantly strives to bring customers the most professional, quick timely products and services, asserted its position in the market.

Main products:

- Sticker for motorcycles

- 3D Emblem

- NamePlate

- Print package

- Warning sticker

- Products using screen printing technology.

- Etc ... Etc

With the motto of taking customer satisfaction as a measure of the development of the business, we are committed to providing our customers with good quality products, reasonable prices and high technology and always ensure progress.

If Your company needs cooperation or want to know more details about the product please contact us:

Mirai Industry CO. Ltd

Address: Keu Group - Dao Duc Town - Binh Xuyen District - Vinh Phuc Province
Phone: 02113 866 168 Fax: 02113 866 568


We hope to cooperate and be serve for you.  Sincerely thank you for your interest in this letter.

Best regards !

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